Next up for tasting:
Stash's Earl Grey!

Spicy decaf Lovin'

I am about to have some Decaf Constant Comment, to the horrors of teaonista everywhere (one who looks down on common teas)

I need that spicy lovin'

Gimme a shout out is this is a childhood staple as it was mine.

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Monica said...

Never had that one before..I'm about to have a cup of my fav green tea though :)

pixielesha said...

You will have to do a rad post about green or send yours out (I think you're second) b/c I can find a green I really love.....I love it in restaurants, and certain brews, but only hit or miss.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother always has this in her tea tin - not the decaf though - and I loved having it at her house.