Next up for tasting:
Stash's Earl Grey!

We are LIVE!! (and drinking tea)

Okay Everyone we are LIVE!!

I will be e-mailing blog instructions for posting/editing, and tea instructions for trading. Basically, every two weeks one of us sends out samples to the other six. We post our reason for the tea, history, etc, and the group reacts with crazy joy and copious comments. Please feel free to post in between tea reviews, especially pictures, etc.

Then, two weeks later, someone else (randomly chosen) will be "it" For this initial round I have provided padded envelopes pre-addressed.

I have all the mailing supplies - you just supply the tea and postage. Anna you're up to bat "Tag, you're it!" on the 19th of April.

I think this is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long time!!!

Food for thought on posts that goes well for tea. Blog it ladies. (we want pics of tasties!!!)

So gather pics, gather thoughts, drink tea, and post, post, post!

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Lesha said...

Well, I cant figure out how to get that weird "undefined" thing out I think it was a feed to Heartomatic.

Anyway, click on see comments to make one. I'm so tired I spaced on that. pbftt.

Lesha said...

Okay, So after a few tweaks things are looking good for the first mailing!! I'm gonna try to put a secure page for the addy list

Lesha said...

The avatar you see to your right and up as our user icon is from Richard Aerni, who is also an etsy seller.
Be sure to check out his work - it is amazing.

Flowerleaf said...

I am so excitead! ;-) Sorry, I have a friend who puns all the time and he only heightened my pun-ness. So, you are now warned! ;-)