Next up for tasting:
Stash's Earl Grey!

One thing I could not live without..

Or this could be in the box of "One thing that made my life WORLDS easier"

It's called UtiliTEA from It even has a wee little temperature dial you can set to white, green or black tea :)

And if you've never ordered from them, use this $5 coupon in the next 24hrs!! Code: 9951460790

OH, and their White Blueberry is to die for!


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Lesha said...

Oh my god - This is going on the "when I have the cash" list. I hate a scaly kettle, and microwaving seems....icky (and energy inefficient). SWEET!

Lesha/Lesia/Alex/Alice said...

P.S. - I went today to price it, and I almost bought a dang tea sampler.. Amy, I think you may be in cohoots with dark, dark (black tea) forces.

ThePeachTree said...

It's SO addicting that place! I've probably sampled over half of their goods :)

Veggiecrocker said...

Oh, how sad! I just bought a regular electric kettle :( I want MY tea kettle to know the difference between green and black tea!