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Peach DeTox by Yogi

So, I'm a little early but here is this fortnight's featured tea we're "circulating." Please post, if you can, when you try it....I'm excited to read your responses!

Peach DeTox is made by Yogi Teas. Their website is really quite beautiful and gives you all the info you need from ingredients to nutritional info to brewing instructions. I highly suggest using 10 minutes brew time, especially at high altitudes. If you need your tea scalding, use two bags as suggested by Yogi.

I first discovered this tea through a friend (okay, ex-boyfriend) when they gave me some of the Yogi Detox (just Detox). Imagine my surprise to taste.....pepper! But it isn't what you think, even after reading the ingredients in Peach DeTox. I can't speak for the detoxification itself, as I eat horribly, but I 'd like to think I feel better after a week's worth.

Another great quality to this tea is its availability. I purchased my latest batch at Winn Dixie of all places - and not over in the organic and health food section, but over by powdered Gatorade, which I also like, diluted. I, however, like Yogi Peach DeTox concentrated. I like having a chance to experience all of its ingredients in turn. I like being able to play a delicious guessing game of unusual and familiar, full bodied but not with an overwhelming herbal (eg. mints) or black tea that brews faster than its compliments.

I give this tea 4 CUPS out of 5.

Yogi Peach Detox is like a wine - it changes throughout the experience of one sip. Enjoy several on me. xxoo

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm so excited. This is a favorite of mine but I haven't had this tea in a very long time. I love how interesting and spicy the flavor is. Great choice!

ThePeachTree said...

Love Yogi as a company. They also have a really great mailing list if you want to sign up! Very informative :)

Can't wait to try this one!

Anonymous said...

I need some RIGHT NOW - too much candy (I always do have too much candy!)

Flowerleaf said...

Too much candy? What? Nonsense!

I am super excited about this tea..and it's peach! :-D