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What Tea Are You?

  I was thinking about all the different tea varieties out there and thought it would be a really good treasury theme.  

I happen to love black tea the most out of the four major types of tea and especially if it's a peach or raspberry flavored black tea.  It makes me wonder what that might say about me.
I like all things rich and warm perhaps?  What do you think that your favorite tea says about you?  

I wanted to find a good quiz to see what specific tea I am and most of them were the teeny-bopper type  quizzes with anime pictures, but I did find this one short quiz.  I came out to be Chai Tea...

This makes me want to have more....tea.  

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ThePeachTree said...

I came out as Black Tea and the quiz writers say that's not such a great thing! eek! But that's usually what I drink :)

Except at night when there's nothing like a soothing cup of Chamomile.

And I, of course, am completely smitten with your collection!

Flowerleaf said...

Aww, thanks! I am glad you like it.

I wanted to fit the entire circle in the treasury...but it just didn't work when I went to look at everyone's items. :-/ There's always another treasury though!

The chai tea description was actually pretty dead on - except for the fact that I don't think I am difficult to decode, haha. I like chai tea lattes the most though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is EVERYONE Black Tea?, cuz I did it twice....and it lied both times. Okay, maybe I'm a Pekoe. whatever that is. What is that, hmmm.....?I'll give a quarter to whoever answers...

Flowerleaf said...

How you going to give a quarter? You going to send it and spend the $0.44 for postage? ;-)

"The name “pekoe” comes from the Chinese pek, meaning “white,” and ho, which means “down or feathers.”

So...white feathers? What the crud?

Here's more info though, ha:

Anonymous said...

Pretty treasury. I was white tea.

Anonymous said...

Peach tree - you and I can be bitch black tea (or whatever they are saying) together.

But I still love White Peach Mango

ThePeachTree said...

Flowerleaf - You wisegeek you!

Lesha - Eh, as long as I'm not the only strong bull in the room!

alexkeller said...

i'm black tea, too

Anonymous said...

Us Bulls Rock the house.

Literally (Taurus or Aries)

Oh, whats the EPE blog - I got an EPE sale?!