Next up for tasting:
Stash's Earl Grey!

Tazo Cucumber White

Tazo Cucumber White is on its way! 
This delicate tea is my favorite afternoon brew. It's light and refreshing!  I drink it "as is" but it may be nice with honey, too.

I included directions for brewing both hot and iced tea. Knowing I would be sending it to you, I tried it iced but didn't care for it prepared that way. If I were to make iced tea with this one again, I'd mix in a little honey while it's hot and then pour over ice.

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~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Julia, your blog is lovely, just hopped over from Belle and Boo. The name of your blog is ADORABLE!
Hope you're week is great so far. xx

Anonymous said...

You might not get your tea until Saturday or Tuesday b/c it all got returned due to lack of postage. I swear I followed the size and weight rules. Sigh! At any rate, it is now en route. Enjoy!!! - Melinda

Flowerleaf said...

They are so cute all packaged up! Can't wait to try this...I have never tried Cucumber White tea before!

OneCraftyFox said...

It sounds delish!! Happy weekend :)

Teenage Bride said...

Hey! Thanks for following my blog. I love the Tazo Berry Blossom White. This one sounds amazing. Can;t wait to try it !!!

Nancy said...

Just wanted to say thanks for becoming a follower. I didn't know you had this wonderful tea blog. I love it.
I love that you're into jewelry and tea. I'm thinking of starting another blog that has nothing to do with avocados - now you've inspired me to really do it.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so beautiful! Did you switch blogs on me? lol. Did you originally have the Red Otter blog? :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Mmmm this sounds soooo good