Next up for tasting:
Stash's Earl Grey!

tea decor & Tazo Chai tea

I saw this post on Casa Sugar, and wanted to share it with you.

KEEP CALM AND DRINK TEA, 8x10 Print-(HOPE DIAMOND Color) Customizable Colors

red travels 4-tier antique jewelry stand


So you think we could make that lamp? Ah, too late!

Tea for Two Lamp

I wanted to send out a Tazo Tea that I like ... Tazo Chai.
And while I did send you a Tazo Chai tea,
it's in a full leaf as opposed to a crushed leaf.
While I find it is still good tea, it wasn't quite the same.
So boil some water, turn on your lamp, and have some tea.
Tell me what you think!


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Flowerleaf said...

You stole my Tazo idear...Alex! Now I am going to have to go with plan B...haha.

However, I am excited to try the full leaf Chai! :-)

I love tea lamp.

alexkeller said...

oh, but there are lots of Tazo teas :) and i'm trying to figure out where i could put a lamp like that - would my husband notice, y'think?

noblegnome said...

Sinful, this tea is plain sinful. Making strange noises while sipping and wondering why I haven't had this until now. Alex, this Chai tea is simply amazing and so was the packaging!! Happy:)

Anonymous said...

Alex, thank you. I like it! I went to make myself a cup this morning and was disappointed to realize I'd used both tea bags already! The packaging made my day. So pretty and fun.