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Teazers and Mangos!

Soooo, I have been tending to my cat and got to take a break for a bit and went to a tea house in my hometown that I had not been before. So my little sister and I got so much into talking with a friend that we never tried the tea! So I will have to go back and try it, but before I announce the tea that I am sending out to you, I thought I would post some pics of Teazer World Tea Market.

So the tea house was consistently busy and had so many different customers - it was pretty crazy. It's definitely an awesome place to people watch. I just feel bad that I didn't get to try the tea that some say is too expensive. So that I shall save for another blog.


Alrighty! I love summer time because I can't wait to brew this tea and then make it iced. Some drink it hot, but I prefer it to be cold and I put two packets of Stevia in it and that's just perfect for me. So, without further delay...

I chose to start off with Trader Joe's Black Mango Tea for it's super fruity goodness and because it just feels so refreshing to drink - so definitely save it for a day that's on the warm side! You can add other things to it as suggested, but I like it nice and simple. Hope you all love it!

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Flowerleaf said...

You're all going to laugh when you see my packaging...

Let's just say I ran out of anything more practical that's also pretty. *sigh*

Circle of Tea Admin 1 said...

I loved your packaging - mine was utilitarian remember? (and recyclable!!) I'm going to make this into iced tea tonight - its sweltering down here!!

ThePeachTree said...

No WAY!! This is my go-to iced tea, yojo :) Brewing me up some right now!

And I loved your eco packaging girl!

Flowerleaf said...

Ahaha! I just now realized the nickname is the entire "yojo." Hilarious.

Yeah, this tea was almost overlooked by me when I went to Trader Joe's last time, but I quickly remembered how this one one of my favorite teas for the summer!

It was all eco-packing minus the zip-lock bag....*sigh* I had to keep the unwrapped tea bags sealed though. :-|

ThePeachTree said...

I've saved my ziplock for reuse so I'd say it was all eco!

Melinda said...

I loved this tea and the packaging. Very tasty. Thank you!